How to Submit a Case

1. Click Customer Login at the top right hand corner of our website to log in with your username and password. 

2. Once logged in, click Cases at the top of the page.


3. On the next page select + New Case.


4. You will be taken to the New Case page. If this patient has previously been entered, select them from the drop down list. If this is a new patient, click Add Patient and complete the required information.

5. Complete the patient/case details and click Save. Any fields marked with an asterisk are required. Next, you will be taken to the patient history page. Please enter any pertinent medical history/clinical findings for the patient prior to the ultrasound exam.

6. When you are finished, click the green Submit Case For Processing button at the top of the page. 

7. Once completed, please call (855) 753-6488 to schedule an appointment.

8. When the case report has been finalized, typically within 12-24 hours, you will be notified via Fax or email that it is completed and supplied a type written report.