Our Philosophy

1) Do no harm.

Ultrasound is an advanced diagnostic step that requires great technical skill and advanced medicine experience.  The patient well-being is always the first priority when advanced diagnostics are employed.  Invasive procedures like biopsy will always be considered in coordination with the primary care veterinarian with regard to patient health status and risk involved.

2) Celebrate normal.

There is tremendous value in knowing what is normal!  An ultrasound exam which does not yield a specific explanation for the clinical signs seen does in fact rule-out other significant differentials.  This provides great peace of mind for the practitioner and owner.

3) Complete exam, every time.

It is dangerous practice to only examine part of the abdomen – all organs must be examined every time to ensure there is no occult pathology in another organ system which would limit the patient's response to therapy for the chief complaint.

4) Never be limited by technology.

Image quality is completely dependent upon the latest and best technology available.  MiVU proudly uses MyLab Alpha by Esaote. 

5) Refer when necessary.

MiVU assists the general practitioner in providing the highest quality medicine and diagnostic capability possible in general practice. However, when referral is indicated, MiVU works directly with multiple referral hospitals and board certified specialists to insure continuity of care.